Drive a Ferrari in the Chianti region.

Drive your Ferrari and discover the hills of the Chianti region surrounded by Tuscany's most famous vineyards.

Drive a Ferrari in the Chianti region.2021-07-15T11:08:59+02:00

Comacchio and the Pomposa abbey

Visit the Comacchio valley by bike or boat and admire the marvellous flamingos.

Comacchio and the Pomposa abbey2021-07-15T11:46:59+02:00

Pretty woman for a day

There is nothing better than a shopping experience in Italy! Fashion is part of the Italian lifestyle, your Personal Shopper will lead you through streets and places where you can find glamour boutiques and small shops, young fashion designers and traditional products. Chance to drive a Ferrari and visit a luxury outlet near Florence.

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Devil wears Prada

With a private car you will join Chianti region and you will visit Ferragamo wineries and taste precious wines. Have a creative finger food lunch and discover the private Ferragamo collection. Continue to Prada Outlet and enjoy your luxury shopping. At the end you will be back to Florence

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Torna in cima