A jump into the Middle Ages

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Have you ever slept in a real medieval tower? You can not miss this opportunity in Bologna. Enjoy a special dinner prepared by a private chef and jump into the Middle Ages for a couple of days. A really unforgettable experience!


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In Bologna there is a new way to live the town and the memory of its ancient ages.. How? Sleeping in a real medieval tower. A place full of charm and history, with an incredible view of the entire city. A tower tall enough to let you almost touch the sky. The most particular place to stay for a week-end in the old town of Bologna.

In the past this place had to symbolize the power of a very important family but then it became a prison for the church. Today, this magnificent building, can host parties, dinners, meetings and concerts in a romantic ancient atmosphere.

Taking a first look at the tower what really catch the attention is the cladding made up of “Bologna’s bricks” (red bricks) that continue in the inner part of the building. The interior design remembers a 1800s century palace with its ancient furnitures.

The tower has 11 floors, everyone with a different characteristic and service. There is an elegant living room with a warm fireplace, a nineteenth-century kitchen and a very romantic and refined bedroom. The staircase is built into the walls and the high windows let the light comes in.

This adventure between ancient walls starts with a guided tour to let you know every detail about this tower: from the dynasty to the battles between families. Please pay attention to the walls… into the deepest part of the tower, some signs made by the prisoners could make you thrill.

A welcome drink on the top terrace and a special dinner can be organized. The owner of the tower gets his supplies from the best food producers in Bologna to offer you an exclusive dinner. This is an unique chance to taste food prepared by a professional chef who will cook just for you in this unique location.

Take the medieval keys and enjoy this dream tower!

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