Cento: Carnival of Europe

Period: all the year
Location: Cento


Come to discover the the carnival of Cento, carnival of Europe twinned with Rio de Janeiro. Let’s get this party started!


  • Entertainment


  • Carnival
  • Half day
  • Special for young

Enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of Cento Carnival of Europe! You will be dragged in this lively show by the gigantic papier-mâché floats, multicoloured groups of people, VIPS and amazing masks of all kinds.

While joining enthralling dances, exhibitions and fascinated by exciting music, you will showered by nice gifts, such as delicious candies and chocolates, funny teddy-bears and soft gadgets which will rain from the floats! .

During this sparkling event, you will be delighted by the excellent Ferrarese cuisine in a typical restaurant!

Internationally broadcasted, Cento Carnival of Europe is twinned with Rio de Janeiro Carnival : charming performances of Brazilian dancers will make the show even more spectacular and the winner float will have the chance of featuring in Rio de Janeiro Carnival!

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