Comacchio and the Pomposa abbey

Period: Everyday from 10:00 to sundown
Location: Comacchio
Price: 650.00 euro (Price per car 70 min driving + 30 min for enjoying a real cappuccino / extra pax + 20.00 euro)


Visit the Comacchio valley by bike or boat and admire the marvellous flamingos.


  • Entertainment
  • Nature Wellness and Sport


  • bike tours
  • Bird Watching
  • Boat trips
  • Cathedrals Churches
  • One day
  • Wine tasting

Strolling over the most important street of the city center of Comacchio, even now crossed by canals, and visit of the most important monuments and architectural beauties of the lagoon town.

Transfer by pullman untill the Pomposa abbey, the evidence of a benedectine community which, in the frontier environment of the ancient Delta Padano, has managed to create a place of spitituality and a great monastic culture. Here the monk Guido d’Arezzo reputedly invented the musical scale here, and in the 11th century it was one of Italy’s foremost cultural centres.

Duration of the path: max 3 hours

Abbey of Pomposa: entrance € 5,00- Sunday € 3,00- free the first sunday of the month

Cost guided tour HD (max 3h) € 120,00 untill 20 pax + € 2,00 for every person in addition

opportunity of tasting, under reservation, and purchase of Ferrara typical products like cold cuts, sides, relish, cheese, rice and obviusly Sabbie wines

Tasting cost: € 10,00 per pax. Wine tasting, cold cuts and cheese matched with bread and water.

Afternoon by bike in the Delta park

itinerary by bike following the ancient wall path, with during Renaissance encolosed the Mesola castle and held marshes and woods.

Starting from Torre Abate, natural oasis near Santa Giustina, we will pursue the bicycle lane Canal Bianco untill Mesola, where there is the Estense Castle, “deliciuousness” built up along the Po of Goro.

Than we will continue the bicycle Destra Po, that follow the riverbed, arriving to the Santa Giustina wood, duchy Alfonso D’Este hunting ground.

Duration of the path: 2.30/3h.

Cost guided tour HD (max 3h) € 120,00 untill 20 pax + € 2,00 for every person in addition

Bike rent (max 3h) € 8,00 per pax- free for tour leader


afternoon on boat in Comacchio valley

suggestive shipping throught one of the Italian biggest salty area, in the ancient riverbed of Po , flankig the ex salt pans of Comacchio, nesting site of Flamingos: the colony has more than 15.000 specimen and during the shipping the frequency of sighting is very hight.

Stop at the old “casoni da pesca” where the guide will explain the fishing methods, the ancient traditions, customs and practices of Comacchio people, indissolubly link to these places and to the productive activity, which for ages sustained the whole population.

Duration oh the shipping: 1h40

embarkation: Foce station, Comacchio- departure 9.00/11.00/15.00/17.00 embarkation 20′ before the departure

cost: excursion € 10,00- free (1/25 payers)

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