The secrets of pasta: a professional cooking class

Period: Available all the year on request
Location: Bologna
Price: Starting from 120.00 euro per person (Min 1 pax)


The “Sfogline” will teach you the secrets of making pasta! The cooking class can be organized for individuals and for big groups, adults and children, in simple locations, in amazing old palaces or open gardens. You will go back home with some Italian cuisine secrets!


  • Bologna
  • Food & Wine


  • Cooking lessons
  • Gastronomy-gourmet
  • Half day
  • Urforgettable experience

The egg fresh pasta borns from a domestic tradition, where the women often find themselves in front of a cutting board in order to make tagliatelle or wrap some tortellini for saturday lunches or for the holidays. we can find it simple or stuffed with meat or vegetables, or with fish if we move to the coast of Romagna.

Our lesson will take place in a private 1600 home located in the centre of Bologna, in a beautiful location with a private garden.


We will prepare three types of egg pasta, under the guide of an expert teacher speaking english or italian:

puff pastry prepared with rolling pin, tagliatelle, torelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese, strichetti.


Every participant will have at disposal all the tools and ingredients, a recipe book in english, a cotton apron. At the end of the lesson you will taste the food prepared during the lesson

  • aperitif with home made crescente and mortadella mousse
  • tagliatelle with ragù sauce
  • tortelloni stuffer with ricotta cheese, creamy with butter and sage
  • strichetti with ham and lemon
  • chocolate salamy (prepared by the teacher)
  • selected wine from the best wine cellars of the emiliano-romagnolo territories (a bottle for 4 peoples)


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