Feel the speed, feel the air…vintage car tour in Emilia Romagna

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Location: Emilia Romagma
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Drive an ancient and beautiful car through our fascinating landscapes in Emilia-Romagna. Feeling the speed, feeling the air…


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Italian’s tradition for cars is well-known in all the world with famous brands like: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati etc…

Today you will have the chance to see and feel the magic of this tradition.

This adventure starts with a tour all around the Emilia-Romagna’s hills on a vintage car. You will visit the famous “Ferrari Museum” in Maranello, which was founded in the 1947 by Enzo Ferrari and from that moment the legend of the “Cavallino Rampante” starts. You will see the different models, from the ancient ones to the newest. Then, you will drive through “Torre delle Oche”, continue to Rocca Santa Maria you will see a fortified village with a church on a hill and then you will go to “Montardone” to have a taste of the popular “Parmigiano Reggiano”. You will continue looking at the hills and admiring ancient bell towers and passing through nice squares of little  villages.

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