Giuseppe Verdi and Parma

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Location: Parma


One of the most important italian composers famous for its Rigoletto, la Traviata, il Trovatore, l’Aida. Discover its history and enjoy a special Parma visit.


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Private transfer from Bologna and stop at the consorzio of the Parmesan cheese, for a guided visit to the factory where it will be possible to see all different steps in the production of the famous parmesan cheese.  The tour will continue to discover where the Famous composer Giuseppe Verdi lived and worked. You will visit the native home of Giuseppe Verdi in Roncole and than will visit in exclusive the beautiful Teatro Verdi in Busseto with a local guide.  The tour will end with the visit to Villa Verdi, the last residence of the composer. It still retains the furnishings Verdi chose, as well as his billiard table, his piano, a wide array of ornaments he collected during his journeys, photographs and personal items which help visitors understand the passions and simplicity of a man who defined himself as “a farmer from Roncole”.  In the afternoon, quick stop in Parma for a visit of its main monuments and churches.

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